This is an exciting development for us. We can now sell our music direct to our fans without having to rely on other online mediums. The corona virus has had a huge negative impact on all our lives.  As a band we have lost all our gigs for 2020 and don't know when our next live performance will be.

For the first time we have made some of our catalogue of music available for download. There is material from our early days in 1995, our original output and songs that were never released. 

One single track costs a minimum of £1 or pay more if you wish. The more tracks you buy the cheaper they become. For example: 

1 track = £1.00,       2 tracks = £1.90p,  
3 tracks = £2.70p,   4 tracks = £3.40p,
5 tracks = £4.00p,   6 tracks = £4.50p,
7 tracks = £4.90p,   8 tracks = £5.20p,
9 tracks =  £5.40,    10 tracks = £5.50p,

The lowest price per track is £0.50p for 11 tracks or more. To buy all 67 tracks would cost £33.50

Why not make your very own HMG album/playlist by selecting your favourites from the player sections below?

You will be helping greatly during the current crisis by buying direct from us. The process is simple and you will not have to sign up or download any other players. You can simply download the song of your choice straight to whatever device you want. For the time being the system uses Paypal as the means of payment.  You can also use credit or debit card if you do not have a Paypal account.

Click on the coloured sections + below to open up the track list for that particular section and click add.  You can add as many as you wish from each section. Paypal will total it up at the end and state the minimum per track.  You can also listen to the tracks before deciding on your final choices.

Thanks HMG

Following a purchase the track add button becomes a download button to click and download the track. They are downloaded in MP3 format and can be stored on any device, or up to 4 devices. Following purchase you will receive a confirmation of purchase email and you should also receive an email with a link to the downloads should any problems arise.  Please also check your spam folders in case the emails have ended up there. If for some reason you cannot download after paying please let us know and we can email you the tracks. 

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